DEEP TALKS 01: Spencer Greenberg - Mathematician and Entrepreneur

This is definitely one of the best episodes of my podcast Deep Talks that I have ever recorded.

In this episode I interviewed Spencer Greenberg. Spencer has PhD. from applied math, and he is founder Spark Wave, a startup foundry which creates software products designed to solve problems in the world on a large scale. For example UpLift, an automated app for helping people with depression.

He also founded, which offers free tools and training programs that have been used by over 150,000 people, designed to help improve decision-making and reduce thinking biases.

Spencer's work has been featured by major media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, the Independent, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Fast Company, and the Financial Times.

We were discussing topics like:

  • The potential for critical thinking education and some problems with education today;

  • The role of evidence in trying to help the world, and how to get people to care more about evidence;

  • What it looks like to change people's minds and how to improve our argumentation;

  • Some dangers related to artificial intelligence, plus many other topics…

The full video: